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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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You can consider

Whooping cough does not stop being infectious suddenly, after certain time.Its transmissibility decreases gradually and the quicker, than the illness proceeds easier.You can consider the child harmless for people around if within weeks he coughs much less.Whooping cough is shown in days after infection.If the baby who is not imparted against whooping cough to it was with sick whooping cough in contact enter serum to prevent an illness or to soften its current.

Eventually, the depression

It, in turn, increases a depression and anger of the child as he matures.Eventually, the depression and anger which first of all are expressed in passive and aggressive behavior become such strong that turn into the main problems of the child.It can occur at any age, but usually the depression becomes a serious problem in years, and the passive and aggressive behavior becomes dangerous when the child enters the teenage period.At this time the normal teenage passive and aggressive behavior is imposed on the passive and aggressive behavior caused by RV and at such children the teenage period usually passes very hard.

Though we also

The open, natural, benevolent look directly in eyes to the child is significantly important not only for establishment of good communication interaction with it, but also for satisfaction of his emotional requirements.Though we also do not realize it, but we use contact of eyes as the main transmission medium of the feelings, including love, especially to children.The child uses contact of eyes with parents and other people!for emotional feed.The more often parents look at the child, trying to express him the love, the more he is impregnated with this love and the fuller him the emotional tank.

But its experience

Mother who already treated colds, gastric frustration and headaches, starts feeling like the expert.But its experience is very limited.It does not have that knowledge which the doctor has.For it two cases of headaches, two gastric frustration seem almost identical.But for the doctor they have absolutely various value and demand different treatment.If in the previous time the doctor treated the patient with one of antibiotics, mother feels a temptation again to use it at similar symptoms.

And how those

The chance to come to the rescue of them is great the same who hopes that will be rescued, actually does not want to kill itself.And how those young people who did not manage to be rescued?From where we know, what actually they did not want to die?For certain we cannot know it, however, talking to young people who managed to be rescued but which would have to be lost, we can imagine of what they thought.Having faced inevitability of death, almost all of them said that unexpectedly started understanding: their problems are not so great that they could not be solved.

The relations

Mother remembers that just then the girl became even more excited and excited.She told that she does not get on the relations with children, however to school did not refuse to go.The family endured then the difficult period therefore mother considered that the daughter thus reacts to tension which arose between parents.It, by the way, also induced it to refuse divorce with the husband.The relations were gradually corrected, however the girl remained same restless and rough.However, the awkward age appeared in time here, and houses solved: so happens at all, it is necessary to wait a hard time simply.

There are some

There are some reasons for which such emotional subfilling with love is very important: Teenagers need a lot of this emotional fuel if we want that they had everything in an order and they grew good people.The filled emotional capacities are extremely necessary for teenagers to feel safe, be selfassured to overcome bad influence of contemporaries and many other difficulties of their age.And without this confidence they easily come under various influences and with bigger readiness break ethical and ethical standards, than adhere to them.

It gives

It also is that for that our young people are eager: it and meaning of life, and that, on what it is possible to hope, and that gives calm when it seems that everything falls.It gives all this!And He lives in you?If is not present, ask for the help the priest or the Christian friend.The second condition consists that the child has to identify himself with the parents to accept and inherit their system of values.As you remember if the teenager does not feel that him love and accept, it is very difficult for it to identify himself with us, parents, and, as a rule, it reacts to the parental management with indignation, offense and hostility.

It will

Correct selection of subjects of care of twins.It will give you huge help.Many mothers find that the crib with a partition in the middle which the father will make is very practical in the first months until twins become too big and mobile for one bed.The carriage which cradle can be lifted and lowered, saves energy of parents and spares their backs.It can serve as a little table for a perepelenyvaniye and clothing.It is good to have an additional basket or a carriage to take away in it the crying child who can wake the second.

Being in a depression, mother

Being in a depression, mother thinks that the husband grew cold to her.On the one hand, it seems to each person in a condition of a depression that people around are unfriendly to it.On the other hand, as the father too the human being, he cannot but feel at home superfluous when his wife and all other family members are entirely occupied by the newborn.The vicious circle turns out.To leave it, mother has to try to pay attention to the husband though at her and without it there is a lot of work.

Spread out on a table

.Training in telling.Suggest children to tell once again the fairy tale together.You begin the phrase, and children finish speaking it without support on the picture.Development of thinking.Game Cutting Pictures.Spread out on a table chaotically parts of one cutting picture see fig..Suggest to bring together them so that the whole picture turned out.At first the picture cut on two parts then on four is given.Summing up occupation.

And so several

If the child already himself tries to move a hand in response to it, the adult needs only to direct the movement of a hand of the child correctly.And so several times in a row, until the child himself gives a hand in response to your appeal.To train in the movements on a request or team in the form of game more cheerfully and more effectively.Tell to the child that will play now ladushka.Take its handles, clap them and sing a song: Ladushki, ladushka where were?At the grandmother.

When children

Let he will show you how to play.Help the child if he asks for help.If you bought it a toy, too difficult for it, or allow it to play with it as to it will like, or hide it until it does not grow up.Not to force, and to teach the child to be kind.When children ,; and , years are played together, they take away each other toys without any ceremonies.The small child never leaves the property, because he the good boy.He or seizes in every way a toy and even will beat the aggressor, or in confusion gives it without fight.

If you have

First stage: the skim milk diluted with an equal amount of water.If you have no skim milk, prepare mix from milk / usual portions and waters without sugar.Add waters so much that the usual amount of milk turned out.Pour in a small bottle only its / former quantities, and leave other mix in case the child should be fed more often for example, each hours.The less he will drink, the better if only it satisfied hunger.Second stage: the diluted skim milk with sugar in usual quantity.

From here

We immediately react to behavior of the children as we seek to impart them the merits which are brought up in us by our parents.We do it automatically, without reflecting the qualities cultivated since the childhood are so deeply put in us.Otherwise education of children would be ten times more difficult.From here inevitability and naturalness of various attitude of parents towards the children follows.Therefore we blame one of their qualities and are happy with others.

Talk to it friendly

Do not become angry about it for it and do not hurry to draw a conclusion that it is silly.Be gentle with it and try to constrain its initiative not too.Give it the chance to happen among other children where he will feel more naturally.Talk to it friendly tone, using simple words.Encourage it to call a thing when they are necessary to it.But do not demand from it that he started talking, and do not show discontent.Most of children mispronounce all words in the beginning, but gradually tell everything best of all and more purely.


To fix names of a sports equipment and sports professions.To exercise in the correct formation of forms of a dative case of nouns.To develop attention, thinking, a small motility.EQUIPMENT Pictures Uvula, Parachutist; pictures which names come to an end with a sound r; picture Helicopters; tag; the Mountains card with the syllables printed over everyone gokry; pictures for exercise Find couples.Organizational moment.Today I will tell you the tale of the Cheerful Uvula.

It was lost

I will begin, and you finish: The uvula very much likes Ma.He often remembers Ma.Misses when nearby there is no Ma.Rejoices when sees Ma.And now goes by a hand with Ma.Go the Uvula with Masha and saw a little kitten.It was lost and scaredly hisses: sha, she, shu, sho, shi.The child says syllables with the corresponding mimicry and intonation if necessary shown by the logopedist.And here familiar children exposes the picturelabikrint.Who from them the kitten owner?

Young parents

Sneezing usually is caused by the dust and the driedup slime which accumulated in a nose.Weak breath.Young parents are disturbed often by irregular breath at newborns because from time to time it becomes such weak that it is hardly audible and it is visible.Also disturbs them when the child slightly snores in a dream.Both of these phenomena are absolutely normal.The constant sounds accompanying breath of newborns the frequent phenomenon.Happens that the child breathes with snore, but not in a dream, as adults, and during wakefulness.

Girl simply

I did not believe, but just in case searched its room and found marihuana.That she got up!Topal feet, shouted that I spy for it that I interfere with its personal records that I have no right to search it.I was stunned with this flash.Girl simply not now.Angry, aggressive, is found with any punks, my heart is bleeding, as I will think that they get up there.For days on end only hang around with these barbarians.What with it will be?We lost any control over it!

Will not bring

The good mood of mother, than the ideal mode is much more important for the child.Will not bring to the child benefit if mother concentrates all the thoughts, activity and love on him one.The child, both big, and small, both the boy, and the girl, needs the friendly relations with other men if it is deprived of the father.Till years it is enough to child to remind more often that there are such nice beings as men, they have deep voices, they differently put on and differently behave, than women.

From what

Parents complain: The child does not tell us about anything, wriggles and keeps silent or simply lies.From what the child escapes lie?Why we so are afraid of children's lies?So we seek to eradicate this defect by all means?When we for the first time notice, what the child deceives us?While he in something did not obey to us or it appeared outside the behavior approved by us.The child should dissemble and maneuvre every time when this framework becomes for it too rigid and close.In other words, the child lies when wants to avoid punishment or censure when seeks to slip out from under a press of the power of adults; he keeps silent and is secretive, preserving the right for secret, for own independence and a privacy.

Praise the child. OCCUPATION

This mother

Except need daily to be engaged in the house and economy, it still taught at Sunday school and conducted prayful meetings.No wonder that the young student was proud of the mother and wanted to share her experience of education with the parishioners.This mother was really rewarded her son led rather Christian life.His name was John Wesley, and mother called Suzen Wesley.Date of their correspondence Suzen Wesley an instinct felt then that I advise you today: develop in the child the integral personality and be extremely attentive to him.

The developing

The developing to develop visual and acoustical attention ability to consider illustrations, to recognize the represented heroes of the fairy tale on an outline drawing; ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult, to develop memory training in global reading.Equipment: the subject picture All ran up see page ; subject pictures with the image of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig., , , , ; outline drawings of heroes of the fairy tale see page ; cards for global reading in duplicate with words: grandmother, granddaughter, chicken, mouse, hare, yablonka, very oh, top top in duplicate see the Appendix; subject pictures Buckets see page .


In this regard feeding by a breast makes simply miracles with young mothers, especially in their relations with children.Mother and the child are happy from mutual proximity, and their love to each other grows.However in recent years in the cities nurse the child, mainly more and more seldom because artificial feeding became safe and easy.Questions which usually set Figure.Some mothers do not want to nurse, being afraid to spoil a figure.Certainly, you do not have need is too much in order that there was more breast milk.

The concern

The confidence in the forces is very important.For young mothers it is natural to worry concerning amount of breast milk.Also also the mothers who had children earlier, but never being confident in the forces worry.As it is frequent when mother doubts, whether it is enough at her breast milk, the doctor finds out that it is enough milk, and here the confidence in the forces is not enough.The concern only reduces amount of milk.Remember that if the child is quiet, he means is full.

As often

Try to offer it once again weeks through two for now try any other product.As often you should add new dishes in the menu of the child, depends on how his appetite improves and whether new dishes are pleasant to it.Do not do distinctions between different types of food.Let the child will eat four portions of one dish and does not eat at all another if he so wants provided that it is simple, healthy food.If he does not want some soup, and the dessert wants, give it with such look as though you do not see in it anything special.

Then the sociopath

Today the truth gains more and more wide circulation in the Christ's Body.Sociopaths control information to which Christians have access.It gives them the chance to mix truth and lie as they will consider it necessary.Then the sociopath will be able to manipulate Christians who trust him, and to use their trust in the purposes.Sociopaths lust after money, power and sometimes sex, usually in such order.The cleverest act so skillfully that they do not manage to be convicted of unseemly acts.

If this is so, you need

If this is so, you need to wonder why it occurs.Whether you assume responsibility for own behavior?Whether you keep the promise?Whether you in general estimate the character and level of a maturity positively?As you are most often adjusted: it is optimistical or pessimistic?Whether there are at you difficulties because of acquired in the childhood and teenage age of installations?Whether you suffer because of consequences of events which reason were these installations?

Got a severe

Antitetanic antitoxin serum.How the tetanus toxoid providing longterm immunity already was received there was an antitetanic serum.It is received thus: enter bacteria of tetanus into blood of a horse and then in it immunity against this illness is developed.Serum of blood of a horse is entered to the a severe wound.Thus, the person borrows at a horse protective properties against tetanus, but they are effective only a few weeks.One of unpleasant properties of antitetanic serum that it causes temperature increase and in weeks after an injection.

Harm of negativism

If you allow it to be oneself, will allow to go the way specified by God, in the future he, certainly, will achieve progress in education of own children.Harm of negativism You left the most important in the law: court, favor and belief; this should be done, and not to leave that.Leaders blind, otsezhivayushchy mosquito, and camel the absorbing!Mf.:,.The Christian with negative approach to life.In these words the obvious contradiction, isn't that so sounds?Unless the Christianity is not the world, pleasure and love?

For the boy it will

It is necessary to pay for the bad relations between parents to all.This father has to estimate honestly the attitude towards the wife and try to improve the relations first of all with her.Both of them need to agree about education methods to choose for the son the most acceptable.For the boy it will be much more useful to live in the atmosphere of love and attachment between parents.It will have beneficial influence on all family.The unconditional love means the free, honest relations.

In most cases

In reply it will or stand in confusion, or to run to mother to complain.In most cases this temporary phenomenon caused by lack of experience.If the child regularly communicates with other children, he will learn to become angry and stand up for the rights.But from mother it will be more reasonable not to feel sorry for him and not to sympathize when he runs to her with crying, not to protect it in a fight, not to advise it to give a toy, but quietly to suggest it to go and take it back most.

Most of newborns

Vomiting means nothing.Most of newborns often belches in the first months.Some children belch even several times after each feeding, and others only occasionally.Dairy spots will easier depart if clothes, diapers and bedsheets at first to otmochit in cold water.When the child for the first time has a vomiting, mother is very much frightened.But, if the child is healthy and cheerful, vomiting in itself does not mean a disease.There are children, especially superexcitable at which vomiting happens nearly an every day see section in the first some weeks.

It will become

Soon enough he will simply not be able to behave.It will become irritable, and it will have pernicious effect on it.I will tell you as the issue with lessons in our family is resolved.Usually right after a dinner, having chosen a moment when boys are in good mood, I ask them about lessons approximately so: Well, children, to you set something for tomorrow?As a rule, they answer: Yes, and it is enough.Perfectly, but do not forget about that time when it is time for you to go to sleep.

It means

It is the tragedy!MEANS OF THE EXIT FROM THE SLIGHT DEPRESSION What can we make to help our teenagers in case of a depression?First of all it is necessary to be able to distinguish a depression as soon as possible that there was no tragedy.It means that we have to be familiar with all symptoms of a teenage depression.Most of all such knowledge is required for those who works with teenagers, that is to the teachers, school doctors, people working in the youth organizations.

Many people

To take the responsibility for anger, it is necessary to give itself in it the report.Many people do not even realize that are angered.One of the reasons is that they can test jealousy, envy, chagrin, pain and offense, but they do not know that background is the anger.But if these adults do not give themselves the conscious report in the anger, it is possible to be sure, what their children know about it.When parents refuse to resolve an anger problem, children less them respect.


When I knew it better, understood that always it seemed to it unworthy to show the feelings or to respond on their manifestations from others as his parents quite so treated it.To raise children all the same that to throw a stone into still water.Results of how you treat the child badly or well an echo will respond in many years in a set of the subsequent generations, like the circles dispersing on water from the thrown stone.Regardless of the fact that you do together with the child play or perform any work, that time which you spend with it, is invaluable.

I was glad

Ellen, however, was necessary hardly.I persuaded them to wait with divorce until Ellen does not cope with the difficulties.It was visible that these spouses did everything possible to resolve the problems.I was glad that they listened to my council and waited some time.Now it is a strong family which besides was replenished with the son, the soninlaw and the charming granddaughter.However if in marriage one of spouses is in such state of mind that endangers another, I do not insist on reconciliation.

Cela also

Mashenka at a door knocked do not answer.It pushed a door, a door and opened.Mashenka entered an izba, villages at a window on a shop.Cela also thinks: Who lives here?Why it is visible nobody?.And in that izba there lived a huge bear.Only it then the house was not: it on the wood went.The bear returned in the evening, saw Mashenka, was delighted.Aha speaks now I will not release you!At me you will live.

The organism

Before speaking about that food which the child can eat, it is necessary to discuss the most important chemicals of which it consists, and how they are used by an organism.The organism of the child can be compared to the building under construction.The set of the most various materials is required to construct it and to contain in a good shape.The person can also be compared to the moving mechanism which needs fuel for energy production and other substances for normal work as, for example, gasoline, oil and water are required for the car.

Many children

It is necessary to tell the child about these animals, to call and show parts of their body.Many children at this age can already learn not only to elementary and mechanical, but also difficult game actions with a toy: to feed a doll, to put to bed a bear, to roll the machine and to hoot thus bi bi, dr rr.It already the first attempts of subject game though the plot is limited to one element so far only drives the machine, but does not load it before it and does not unload then.Having mastered actions with these toys, the child can play more long itself, without adult.

We see ourselves

Fuller, face to face, understanding is reached by means of more mature love.Our idea of themselves and understanding themselves are mainly formed on the basis of the attitude of members of our family towards us which they give us a look, tone of a voice and acts.That is they act as a mirror where we see own reflection.We see ourselves not only such what we are now we see ourselves in the future.As this reflection gradually becomes part ourselves, we get shape of that personality whom we see in a mirror.

And though

How similar behavior seems bad, so it is better passive and aggressive.Rising on this ladder from below up, we will come to verbal expression of anger when the flow of words falls upon the one who incidentally appeared nearby.And though it in principle is bad, but nevertheless it is better, than to destroy everything around and to swear.On top ladder steps we will find the best ways of expression of anger.For example, on third step to concentrate the attention only on an irritation source.

These parents

I want that he studied various religions and philosophical currents; when he grows up, he will make the decision.These parents can get into a bad story or they absolutely ignore the world in which we live.The child who is brought up in such spirit can be regretted with all the heart.Without the constant management and an explanation of ethical, moral and spiritual problems of the life surrounding it the wise and understanding parents the child in the head and soul will have a full confusion and confusion.

The deepest

The first of what the majority of us when hears the word the pupil thinks that is to what manual is transferred is about Christ's pupils.The deepest desire of these twelve people was to try in everything to resemble Christ.How you think, whether Jesus convinced these people what they have to follow him?Or, maybe, they believed It only because He ordered them to make it?Of course, Jesus's pupils followed It because they loved it, and He loved them.Let's love it because He loved us before Ying.

As a verbal

When my children became more senior, I chose some sign or the word and connected it with relaxation.Then, if I saw that they start being nervous, used this sign or the word as a signal to relaxation.In many cases it helped to prevent increase of anger.The sign to which I resorted, was such: I put a forefinger near a nose and then suddenly moved it forward.As a verbal signal I resorted to the word cool down, saying it a low voice.By the way, if I started being upset or test tension, spoke to myself: It seems to me, it would be better for you to cool down.

However there

In a word, fear neurosis suffering which emergence we can involuntarily cause, on own carelessness or ignorance.However there are situations when the educational tactics elected by us, quite often rigid and even cruel becomes the reason of emergence of fears.But it is a subject of special conversation.For whom it is more difficult?Intolerable character, the difficult child, very much with it it is heavy.I should hear similar complaints quite often, however it is considerable less than would follow.

It has an impossible

After all and at long ill adult character is corrupted.What to speak about the child which mentality in general is unstable, and character is only built up..And that concerning difficult character address to the psychiatrist less than would be necessary, and often and with delay, adequately regrets.It has an impossible character since the birth is vigorous, with a pressure mother of the twelveyearold girl reports quite intelligent look.From the first day she difficult, even in maternity hospital shouted and cried more than other children.

Suggest children

Ask: These trees already occurred in what fairy tale to you?As the goat constructed an izba.Telling of the fairy tale.Suggest children to all to tell the fairy tale together.Tell that you will start telling the fairy tale, and the child to whom you will point by a hand, will continue the story.If it is difficult for children to continue the story without presentation, suggest to accompany the story, exposing on a flanelegraf of the image of the corresponding characters and trees in process of their emergence.

Most of children

Even the child, seems to me, feels that this tyranny to him will not be in vain.It is not difficult to disaccustom the child to this habit if to understand that it does the same harm to him, as well as parents.Treatment very simple: put the child in a bed in due time, by a gentle voice wish it good night, leave the room and do not come back.Most of children in the first night angrily shout minutes , and then, seeing that occurs nothing, unexpectedly fall asleep.Next day they will already cry only minutes, and for the third day they usually do not cry at all.

And feedings

The crying child can be calmed a pacifier or a bottle of water it is possible sweetened, see sections , .Of course, it is possible to put the child to a breast more often than each hours, but poor mother can reach extreme exhaustion, nursing the child almost all day.Rest and entertainments is necessary for mother.And feedings a day are absolutely enough for stimulation of bigger production of milk.It is possible to feed from a pacifier once a day.It is allowed if the stock of breast milk is sufficient for several weeks and if it is valid only once.


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